Personalized solutions

Customized solutions for the most diverse segments, with consolidated expertise in the areas of:

Air Conduction

WdB has consolidated experience in systems and products for air conduction, applicable to the most diverse markets and needs.

In addition to the wide range of products and accessories, designed for ventilation and exhaustion, it has a large variety of systems for natural and mechanical ventilation of environments.

Thermal Protection

WdB’s thermal solutions combine high technology and performance, ensuring an optimal solution to the overheating problems of components subjected to high temperatures as well as any need for thermal protection and insulation.  Applicable to the automotive and construction markets, and to the industry in general.

Acoustic Insulation

Among the acoustic solutions developed by WdB, products that work as noise attenuators stand out, either through customized projects that use plastic components, or through multi-layer insulated tubes.

These solutions are widely used in several segments within the industrial market, the construction market and the automotive manufacturers.

Air Filtration

We provide solutions for air treatment and purification through the application of insufflators and filters in commercial installations and homes.

The systems optimize the air’s quality preserving health and improving people’s quality of life.

Technical solutions

Personalized Projects

Access Full Line

Among WdB’s differentials, we highlight the ability to offer solutions according to the real demand of the client, taking into account technical criteria, buyer requirements and applicability in the assembly lines.

Thanks to the strong commitment to research, WdB group continuously improves its components, presenting technological innovations in all product lines, offering individualized solutions and optimizing performance in terms of life cycle, effectiveness and sustainability.