Flextic® Tube

Made from aluminum, easy to unpack and flexible. It has a variety of applications, including installations of chimneys for gas heaters. Practical and aesthetic, easy to handle and is possible to cut it having only a knife.

Available diameters: 100X370mm, 100X740mm, 110X370mm, 110X740mm, 117X370mm, 117X740mm, 120X370mm, 120X740mm, 126X370mm, 126X740mm, 130X370mm, 130X740mm, 137X370mm, 137X740mm, 150X370mm, 150X740mm, 60X370mm, 60X740mm, 76X370mm, 76X740mm, 80X370mm, 80X740mm, 90X370mm, 90X740mm, 95X370mm, 95X740mm
Materials: Aluminum.
Flammability: Not combustible.
Maximum temperature: 240ºC
Minimum temperature: -40ºC