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Air’Brise® is a state-of-the-art, modern and silent air freshener. Developed with high technology, the air exhauster offers ventilation in a simple and effective manner, avoiding humidity, bad odors and mold formation.

New Design

Air’Brise’s design is audacious and elegant. All white, with round corners and reduced thickness of its frontal frame, the product makes the environment more modern.


The exclusive design of Air’Brise’s helix optimizes the air flow and reduces the noise level in the environment. The way that the engine’s block is built reduces the friction and vibration, offering more acoustic comfort.

Eco-friendly and technological material

Manufactured in High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) with UV-blocking additive, a material highly used in the white types. It is a sustainable product, because of the low energy consumption and fewer plastic components.

Safe and with the best cost-benefit

The Air’Brise’s thermal sensor protects the engine in case of electrical overloads. Air’Brise has a compulsory security certificate emitted by IFBQ, an organ accredited by CGCRE

Safe and audacious design, made with
ecological material

It takes only one screw to attach the frontal frame to the Air’Brise’s engine, making it easy to clean and install the device.

The air freshener comes with a piercing template, fixation screws and wall anchors together with guides for the organization of electrical wires (anchor towers) and connectors. The exhauster offers two wiring options: above itself or placed in the wall. It adapts itself to the WdB tubes (Compact, VE without isolation and Polywest) and to the PVC/sewer tubes.