Mechanical Ventilation

Ventokit® Air Fresheners

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Ventokit® NM

Differentiated design: thinner and rounder – a more discrete installation. A LED shows when it is working.

-Anti-return register

Ventokit® with sensor Motor

There is no need for a switch because the product has an integrated occupancy sensor that turns on the device for 10 minutes from the moment of the detection.

Ventokit® New Classic

Proper for installations in walls; when adapted to our flexible tube lines, can also be installed in ceilings.

-Anti-return register;


Ventokit® In Line

To be installed above the ceiling, fixed on beams or slabs. Recommended when the fixing surfaces are thin and where the acoustic comfort is strictly needed.

Ventokit® 500 TURBO Ultra

For places that have a maximum of 40m², with a flow rate of 550m³/h. Exclusive vibration-blocking system that ensures the silent exhaustion of air.