Natural Ventilation

Ventokit® Grilles

With Ventokit® grilles, the air renewal is done through the chimney effect in a constant and natural manner: the entry of air to the bottom has a lower temperature that takes outside the hot air from the top, creating a continuous air current. The grilles are made from HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene) with protection against yellowing and a treatment to repel dust, easily customizable, with a fast and practical installation, having a wide variety of types.

Discover the Ventokit® Ventilation Grille Lines

Surface Grilles

The installation of these grilles is done through superposition and due to this the place which it will be installed can have irregular shapes (as long as it does not surpass the grilles’size).

Fitting Grilles

This model provides a finish close to the surface where it is installed. In the installation process, if necessary to open a hole for the product to fit, follow the measurements specified in the datasheet. Lids and screws included for an easy and practical installation.

Special Grille

Exclusive grilles type for exclusive installations, putting together efficiency and design to your projects.