Ventokit® Line

Ventokit® Exhaust fans and Ventilation Grids, the Brazilian market leader!

The Ventokit® air regulators are part of a complete group for solutions in renovation and ventilation of air. Together with the variety of the Ventilation Grilles lines, they were designed with mastery to attend to and maintain the standards of air quality in places with little or any ventilation. WdB was the precursor these projects in Brazil, being part of this industry for more than 20 years, from North to South, we are proud of our leadership in the market!


Ventokit® Exhaust fans

A Market leader in air mechanical exhaustion and air renewal, designed for places with little or any ventilation. Many different systems of activation, capacity, design and power.

Ventokit® – Ventilation grilles

Designed to refresh places naturally and being easy to install, has a variety of sizes and patterns.
Options: Fly screen, color, fitting collar, adhesives.


All our Ventokit® product lines have a complete installation kit with wall plugs, screws and finish lid. Aiming at an easy installation process, we developed an exclusive anti-vibration and self-adhesive perforation template for our air-renovation products. Besides that, you can easily access the Datasheet and Installation Manual of each product or see our step-by-step tutorial videos showing the assembly process.