Plastic Parts

One of WdB’s main objectives is to provide its customers products with high technology and innovation. Therefore, the company counts on last generation devices with the most advanced tools on the market.

Constant investments are made in the research area, development of new products and in the continuous improvement of processes and products.

WdB works in partnership with advanced research and development centers, which perform tests and measurements in specific areas. The results are evidenced in reports, properly filed and available to the customers.

Integrated Process

WdB’s main differential worldwide is the ability to provide a fully integrated process – going through engineering, manufacturing and assembly – ensuring high quality and improved performance of the final product.

Complete solutions

Our assembly process allows us to combine two or more parts of different materials and properties to form a product.

This operation ensures that the part retains its original properties during use, maximizing its performance and reducing costs.

Among WdB's differentials, we highlight the ability to offer solutions according to the real demand of the client,

taking into account technical criteria, buyer requirements and applicability in the assembly lines.
Thanks to the strong commitment to research, WdB group continuously improves its components, presenting technological innovations in all product lines, offering individualized solutions and optimizing performance in terms of life cycle, effectiveness and sustainability.

Our structure and teams allow us to act comprehensively, in the following stages of development and manufacturing:

Research and development:

  • Prototyping
  • Laboratory tests and trials
  • Molds and tools development

Product engineering:

  • Design conception
  • Modeling
  • Technical validations


  • Injection manufacturing
  • Blowing
  • Thermoforming
  • Laser cutting