Discover WdB’s solutions for the automotive sector.

WdB’s focus of action is on the engineering and manufacturing of automotive components made of plastic and other high-tech materials, in direct contact with the engineering offices of the automakers and systemists.

Air Intake System

High tech products, allowing air conduction with sound attenuation properties in vehicles air intake system.

HVAC System (Heat, ventilation, AC)

High performance ducts for general air conduction, ventilation and vehicular air conditioning systems. Widely used in cabin ventilation.

Cables and Hoses Protection

Solutions for the thermal protection of components exposed to high temperatures, such as cables, hoses and devices next to the vehicle's engine and exhaust system.


Design and development of expansion vessels applied to the vehicle's cooling system. Project, injection, welding and resistance analysis available to the customer.

Get to know WdB's flexible tube lines

Thermal solutions

The Termoflex line combines high technology and performance, which guarantees the best solution for the overheating problems of components subjected to high temperatures, as well as for any need for thermal protection and insulation.

All tubes in this line have high flexibility, easily adapting to the simplest and to the most complex components, without interfering with the original shape. Its corrugated profile aids flexibility and increases surface reflection of incident heat.

The flexible tubes in this line also guarantee the maintenance of the protected material’s characteristics: they are flame retardant, impermeable and withstand environments exposed to different temperature gradients.

Acoustic solutions

The Soundlex line is made up of noise attenuating products, which allows acoustic gains with little investment in tooling. This line adapts to the need of a specific project, providing cost reduction and ease of assembly.

Flexible, self-extinguishing and water resistant, Soundlex elements involve the use of porous and perforated materials, resulting in an excellent acoustic efficiency used for any noise problem, in all sound frequencies.

This technology is widely used in the automotive industry, being supplied to major automakers in the world, such as Renault, Dacia, Nissan, Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz, Fiat, Chrysler, Volvo, Ford, Peugeot, Citroen, GM, Cadillac, MAN Latin.

Air Conduction

The Multiflex line is composed by a series of flexible tubes, intended for the conduction of air and gases, without compromising the curvature radius. The ducts are indicated for heating, ventilation and air conditioning installations.

Considering installation criteria and technical properties, each tube corresponds to a specific application.

Automotive solutions