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WdB Group

WdB Group

Since the beginning of its activities in 1972, WdB has gone through a solid track, guided by technological evolution and by the versatility in offering solutions to several markets, within a perspective of global operations.

  1. 1972

    Implementation of the production unit in Brazil, Araucária / PR

  2. 1973

    Start of supply line MULTIFLEX

  3. 1980

    Launch of the first air freshener VENTOKIT

  4. 1985

    Implantation of the commercial office São Paulo / SP

  5. 1993

    Start of supply line TERMOFLEX

  6. 1996

    Start of supply line SOUNDLEX

  7. 1999

    Beginning of the expansion manufacturing unit – Contenda / PR

  8. 2000

    Presence Europe

  9. 2003

    Presence Europe

  10. 2007

    Inauguration WdB USA plant

  11. 2012

    Start-up of the blowing operations in Plastics Division

  12. 2015

    Start of supply of the first Expansion vessel – Degazage

  13. 2017

    Presence in Asia


Offering innovative solutions, always pursuing the evolution of technologies in the areas of plastics, air conduction, thermal and acoustic insulations, besides fluids treatment, with quality and competitiveness to serve the world market.


To be a global reference group, recognized as the best option by customers, coworkers, community, suppliers and investors, for the quality of our products, services and relationship.


The pillars that support our business are people, processes and technology. Based on this, our core values are:

  •  Ethic, respect and honesty;
  • Commitment to growth and results;
  • Incentive and recognition for individual development;
  • Innovation practice and
  • Environmental responsibility.

Our Compromise

Quality Management System

WdB runs its operations supported by a solid Quality System, managing its processes in order to meet environmental standards and customers’ specific requirements.

WdB has the certifications ISO9001; IATF16949; ISO14001.


WdB integrated quality and environment policy. WdB carries out its activities of production and commercialization of air conduction, thermal and acoustic insulation systems for national and international industry, seeking continuous improvement of its products’ and services’ quality and raising the performance of the integrated management system. In the pursuit of these goals, the company highlights its commitment to preventing pollution and reducing environmental impacts, making sustainable use of natural resources and complying with national and international laws and quality requirements, in order to ensure customers’ satisfaction and the profitability of the organization.

Our Team


Marcia Oliveira


Celso Sato

International Projects

Ralph Sautchuk

Industrial Management


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Innovation and commitment to the customer

Learn about the characteristics that make WdB one of the most reliable and innovative organizations in its fields of action.

1 Research & Development

One of WdB’s main objectives is to provide its customers products with high technology and innovation. Therefore, the company counts on last generation devices with the most advanced tools on the market.

Constant investments are made in the research area, development of new products and in the continuous improvement of processes and products.

WdB works in partnership with advanced research and development centers, which perform tests and measurements in specific areas. The results are evidenced in reports, properly filed and available to the customers.

2 Patents & trademarks

Since the beginning of its activities, WdB has been characterized as a technological institution of innovative solutions. The results of this effort can be shown through the growing number of contracts, customers, patents and trademarks, placing WdB as a generator of solutions in its areas of operation.

3 Customer service

WdB is highly committed with its customers’ satisfaction, offering agile and personalized service, appropriate to the needs of the different regions in the country and in the world.

WdB works in partnership with teams of representatives located in strategic points of the globe. The entire team is formed by trained and prepared professionals, able to identify the best solutions for the customers, from first contact to after sales.

The company has several communication channels to streamline contact with customers.

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